Lulu Al Mutawa 'Connect' Hoodie

23.000 KD
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100% organic cotton.
Unisex design.
Please refer to the size chart above.

Since every hoodie is made to order, please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. 
Not eligible for exchange or refund once sold.
Production and delivery handled by The Print Nation.


Lulu Al Mutawa

Lulu Al Mutawa is an illustrator and artist based in Kuwait. She also happens to have bright red hair. Her art is expressed by her inner world and captures what gets her most excited: science, soft moments with friends, reflections on life, and conversational honesty. Her sketchy doodles come naturally and empathetically as a way to analyze her feelings, mistakes and all. The ponderings of a vulnerable loaf of bread, sea creatures that demonstrate scientific reasoning, caricatures of her emotions—these are projections of her inner world and the real one she wants to help shape in the hopes that people become more playful, honest and communicative.