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Istiqrar is a project aimed at relieving the financial hardship of Bidoon (stateless) families in Kuwait. The group is diverse and consists of Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis and they all share a passion towards humanitarian work and social justice. Istiqrar means stability in Arabic and represents their purpose, which is to try and provide the families with stability. 

Bidoons are long time inhabitants who have been denied Kuwaiti citizenship and now rendered stateless and currently are a population of 100,000-150,000.  Access to employment, education, and healthcare usually comes with its challenges. Some struggle to renew their security cards, which is equivalent to a civil ID. In cases where security cards are not renewed they are considered illegal and deprived of many basic rights. Bidoons are restricted in their movements and are living under the constant threat of arrest and deportation. 

After the spread of COVID-19, many Bidoons had no income because they were not receiving their salaries, were previously unemployed, or have freelancing jobs and are unable to work because of the circumstances. As a result, Istiqrar was launched to support them financially during these difficult times. 

Istqirar provides monthly groceries to 300 Bidoon families on a monthly basis. The cost of a grocery box is 25 KWD and it feeds a family of 7-9 people for 1 month.  By providing monthly groceries the families can save or spend the 25kd on other priorities. With your support Istiqrar hopes to increase the number of families as there are many families awaiting registration. They also accept volunteers to help distribute the groceries on a monthly basis.

Istqirar encourages Kuwait’s youth to volunteer in order for different communities to integrate with one another and in order for the Bidoons living conditions to be depicted realistically. They also document the donation process and send a video to all donors to update them about the status of their donation and for the donor to have an interactive and transparent experience with Istiqrar

Amal Alajmi

"In this life, there are many emotions that a person is afraid or ashamed to show to the public because the Arab society we live in interferes with all the affairs of an individual. This continuous interference results in a numbness of feelings and blocking of ideas in a society, even if the issues they face aren't justly or morally right. So it feels like the dam that does not harm and does not benefit. I feel its my duty to employ my skills in drawing and visual art to those who cannot express themselves for fear or shame of how society views them. I will always try to keep this principle a guiding light throughout my career." Amal Alajmi, Kuwaiti artist and illustrator