Refood x Mohammed Al Mohanna T-shirt

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100% organic cotton.
Unisex design.
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Refood is a non-profit organization founded in 2014, with the goal of reducing food waste through food rechanneling and awareness programs, which ultimately aim to protect the environment from toxic emissions to allow future generations to thrive in a sustainable ecosystem. Since its inception, Refood has been firm, committed, and strives to promote preventative food waste measures through programs that aim to change social and cultural behaviors in a way that reduces the national carbon footprint of food waste. 


Mohammad Al Mohanna

Mohammad Al Mohanna is an illustrator/designer based in Kuwait. His work is mainly characterized by his usage of pencil, ink, watercolours, Moonlight gelly-roll pens, and the iPad Pro. Al Mohanna spent his early childhood captivated by Disney animated films, and mainly draws inspiration from video games, Japanese manga, and illustration books. His illustrations are a blend of fantasy and kaleidoscopic pop culture. The characters he usually draws are somber in demeanor or dazed by a gloomy temper, yet whimsically ornamented with miniature yellow stars and softly gleaming moons on their cheeks.