The Basket x Mishari Alnajjar

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The Basket


The Basket was founded 8 years ago by a group of Kuwaiti men and women, with no association to any organization or company, with the goal to help underserved families and better their living situations by providing them with all their basic needs from food to clothing items, education and even monetary support to help cover their bills.

They have helped families change their living space completely with no furniture and also helped workers during COVID-19 especially during the complete lockdown period.

The Basket distributes tasks between the team by dealing with food suppliers and distributing them to people in need. During the pandemic, they were able to give out around 5,000 baskets full of food items.

The basket is comprised of oil, rice, macaroni, lentils, cooking oils, flour, and legumes and lasts each family for a month. They also supply children with clothes as they are not only limited to food supplies but aim to provide any essential supplies that families need. 

The Basket aims to give a basket to all families in need without discrimination.

Mishari Alnajjar

Mishari AlNajjar is a practicing architect in Babnimnim Design Studio and a graduate of the American University of Sharjah with a bachelor's degree in Architecture and a minor in Urban Design. Mishari’s research explores the built environment in Kuwait City. His work stresses a multidisciplinary approach where the realms of architecture, textile and storytelling collide, shedding light on various structures with a historical and cultural significance. His work spans both digital illustrations to textile printing and manipulation, which he accompanies with a narrative that investigates human behaviour.